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E360 will integrate wellness, psychology, and behavioral health through its digital platform to optimize mental performance of individuals. E360 will develop digital solutions for diagnostics, treatment, progress tracking, and reporting of users ’mental state and growth. The solution will have its use in pre-clinical and clinical disability management, as well as in research, insurance, and workplace health management.

E360 is developing a digital health platform, focused on the mental health and wellbeing of individuals of various ages, occupancies, and mental states. The platform will provide advanced diagnosis through a set of comprehensive tests, combining the knowledge and experience of psychology experts and machine learning technology. E360 will be able to analyze, diagnose, and offer treatment for each individual as well as track progress and create reports. This solution will be subscription-based and will be offered to individuals and institutions. E360 is established in Canada and the founders are from Hong Kong and Canada.  With the founders’ team, E360 will enable penetration of international markets and gain access to highly skilled employees and strong venture capital and research and development activities.

Meet the Team

E360 Start-Up team consists of experts and advisors with more than 100 years of combined experience in mental health, clinical research, data governance, multi-cloud integration, AI and machine learning, business development, and strategic leadership.

Mr. Ip Ting Fung
Chief Executive Officer

CEO, Mr. Ting Fung Ip, is an expert in a clinical lab for cancer prevention projects, building relationships with business partners, and sourcing new technology and equipment. 

Mr. Ricky Lai
Director of Software Licensing

Director of Software Licensing, Mr. Ricky Lai, possesses over ten years of experience in both technical and sales areas in the IT and software industry. He is specialized in software protection and licensing, customer entitlement management, and enterprise content management. 

Dr. Vivian Law
Clinical Researcher

Clinical Researcher, Dr. Vivian Law, is a pediatric physician who will provide valuable insights in the health care professional segments, clinical and facilitation specialist.

Ms. Pace Chan
Lab & Office Administrator

Lab & Office Administrator, Ms. Pace Chan, has huge office and managerial experience will be invaluable for the Company’s development.

E360 will be supported by North American-based team, consisting of 

Dr. Antonio Ocana, Chief Medical Director, 

Mr. Michael Chu, CTO, 

Mr. Pedram Sheraf Business Strategy and Development Specialist

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