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E360 Business

E360 will operate in the disability management and prevention business and we have validated at least ten potential products and income streams. 

• Pre-clinical: Pre-clinical population is willing to pay to be assessed by mental health coaching apps, especially high-school students and adolescents. 

• Workplace health: Companies are deploying a range of disability management tools, the latest of which includes virtual psychotherapy, to decrease stress and increase the engagement and productivity of employees. 

• Clinical: Community-based psychologists are increasingly moving to use mental-health- specific  electronic records and virtual care. 

• Insurance: Insurance companies are willing to pay for physician performance, specifically multiple forms of remote patient monitoring. Insurance companies are keen to pay to reduce claim size by even 1%. 

• Other potential revenue streams include disability management (for universities, health management organizations, and first-responders), research (for pharmacists and regulatory agencies), and data  licensing (for researchers and psychologists). 

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